Homework Task

For homework this week, you are going to volunteer to help people in your own community. Some suggestions of what you could do are:

• Complete a chore you would not normally have to do (mow the lawn, do the dishes, take out the garbage, vacuum the house etc.)
• Help your sibling with their homework
• Make a meal for your family
• Have a conversation with a grandparent, aunt, uncle or someone older than you, that you haven’t seen for a while
• Volunteer to help a teacher with something at school
• Donate some old toys or clothes

Record what you did and who you helped in your homework book. Describe how you felt after you had completed each task. You must complete at least 3.

Grade 5 Kickstart

Could all grade 5 students please be at Berwick College tomorrow at 8.45am for a 9.00am start. We will be meeting at the Leisure centre, which is the near the big roundabout.

We will be walking back to school and should arrive back at around 11.30am.

See you there!

Homework Task

Homework is back on for next week. Here is the task that you need to complete in your homework book:

The community of Beaconsfield has some great organisations who rely on the assistance of volunteers.
• Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Centre
• Beaconsfield CFA
• Beaconsfield Progress Association
• Beaconsfield Scouts
• Beaconsfield Junior Football Club

Research one of the above organisations, presenting what they do, who can volunteer, what roles they may have and how they help the community of Beaconsfield.

Boys Regional Softball

Today the grade 5/6 boys softball team competed in the regional competition at the Cheltenham Baseball Club. The boys were up against some tough opposition but still gave it their best in all 3 of their games. Unfortunately we were not successful in our games, however we did definitely have the most fun with the boys playing with great attitude and spirit.

Thank you to the 3 parents who assisted in driving the boys! It is greatly appreciated!

Good luck to the girls tomorrow in their Regional competition.

Grade 6 Reminders

Just a few reminders for grade 6 students.
• Scrapbooks and photos need to be brought to school by the end of the week as we will be starting this next week. Please refer to the Grade 6 Booklet given out earlier this term for what students need to bring in.
• Graduation Disco money is due this Friday. Please return the form and $20 payment to Miss Backman or Sam Rooke (not the office). Late payments will not be accepted.

Boys Regional Softball

The grade 5/6 boys who are participating in tomorrow’s softball please meet Mr O’Shea in the gallery at 8.15 at the latest!

For those who haven’t handed in their permission slip, please remember to bring it in.