Grade 6 Graduation Excursion

As our graduation excursion to Camp ADANAC is tomorrow, students need to ensure they have and bring the right items with them. Please read carefully to ensure your child is prepared.

  • Students will need to bring a backpack which has their fruit, a refillable drink bottle and a towel in it.
  • Students will need to wear a hat (it does not need to be their school hat).
  • Students may come in free dress, but must wear a t-shirt (no singlets or tank tops), shorts and runners (these may get wet and dirty). No thongs or open toed shoes will be allowed at the venue.
  • Students will need to wear their bathers under their clothes. All students must wear a rashie or a t-shirt on the water rides. No student will be allowed on the water activities without one.

Pink Stumps Sports Day

Yesterday the Grade 6 students took on the teachers in a sports day extravaganza! Everyone looked great in their Pink clothes and did an awesome job raising awareness for the McGrath Foundation.

The day began with an intense netball match where the teachers gained an early lead and managed to just hold on 14-13.

The next event was a basketball match which again saw the teachers just marginally win 24-23.

The students dominated the Indoor Games, where they should their expertise on the Wii, Just Dance, Chess, Connect 4, Uno, Mastermind and Guess Who.

In the final event of the day the students took on the teachers in the famous Pink Stumps Cricket match. The game went down the last ball, where the teachers prevailed by 2 runs.

The overall scores for the day finished with the teachers holding their nerve to win 207 to 199. Thanks to all students and staff who participated in what was a really fun and successful day.

Sprinkles vs 100s & 100s

Yesterday grade 5H participated in the Great Fairy Bread debate – Are Sprinkles or 100’s & 1000’s the real way to make Fairy Bread.

Students researched, came up with 4 supporting arguments and then presented to the class before completing the all important taste test. The verdict was Fairy Bread is made with 100’s & 1000’s, Sprinkles belong on ice cream.


Grade 6 Camp Movie and Supper Zoom 🎥

After a long day, it’s time to put our feet up with some snacks, a hot milo and watch a movie together. Come and join us on Zoom at 6:30pm for a movie and supper together. Don’t forget all your favourite snacks!

The link will be posted on Seesaw for you all, or you can always find it in your camp booklets!! Can’t wait to see you all there 😊