Beacy back to the future at Sovereign Hill

An amazing day was had by grade 5/6 students at Sovereign Hill! Students were privy to the life and times of the 1850’s. We experienced real life scenarios, gold mine tours, panning for gold and shopping down main street. If you could go back in time what would you do or where would you go? 20130328-100023.jpg20130328-100043.jpg20130328-100107.jpg20130328-100127.jpg20130328-100144.jpg



Bullying – No way

At Beacy we have been learning about different types of bullying and the importance of cyber safety. What is a bystander and how should they act when they are aware of bullying?


Buddy Time!

The grade 5 and 6’s have been spending time with their prep buddies each Thursday afternoon.  What are some fun activities that buddies could do together?