Buddy Time!

The grade 5 and 6’s have been spending time with their prep buddies each Thursday afternoon.  What are some fun activities that buddies could do together?

11 thoughts on “Buddy Time!

  1. I love hearing about the buddies program. I have seen that you like reading together. It would be fun to do some cooking together too. I am wondering what you like most about getting together with your buddies?

  2. Our preps are loving this special time with their buddies. Thank you grade 5/6 kids for being so responsible, caring and supportive to our preps.
    With Easter coming up, maybe you could help us make an Easter hat?

  3. I think prep buddies are very fun. The thing I like most is helping them learn and talking to them about lots of different things. I would love to do it again next year.

  4. I enjoy talking to my prep buddy and asking them if they are enjoying school. I also like colouring with my buddy and making them feel happy about starting school.

  5. I like to be able to spend time with my buddy and read him books and do fun activities together. Its great that our buddy’s can come and talk to us out in the yard if there is something wrong.

  6. I like working with my buddy. When we work together and talk about stuff for example school or what shes doing on the holidays. I also colouring, writing and reading together

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