An amazing day comes to an end!

After an amazing day at Sovereign Hill, we are tired and ready for home! Parents, we have just got through the tunnel in the city, it is currently 7pm. We look forward to seeing you at school!


13 thoughts on “An amazing day comes to an end!

  1. Ahhhhh….!
    Wonderful day had by all – so glad you all had a fabulous day!!!!
    Yay, to Beacy P S – you’re the best….!

  2. Thanks for a great day at Sovereign Hill Grade 5 and 6!
    My favourite bit was watching everyone pan for gold and getting excited about the teeny tiny specs that were found 🙂

  3. Today at Sovereign Hill was the best time I ever had this year. I would like to say thank you to the teachers and parents for taking us kids for a fun day. Thank you

  4. Thank you to my wonderful group The Golden Nuggets for sharing their day with me. We all had heaps of fun but I’m sure there will be some tired kids tomorrow.

  5. I had lots of fun yesterday at sovereign hill – bowling, panning for gold, the old school.
    Thank you to the teachers and school for organising the day….!

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