See it first!

Peter Hitchener was an amazing and informative host to four of our grade 5/6 students as they toured the inside of channel 9 today.

Both the students and the teachers had a fantastic day and felt very lucky to have the privilege of attending this special excursion.


5 thoughts on “See it first!

  1. Oh my goodness!!! I cant begin to imagine how amzing your day must have been! Looks like you’ve all had an amazing day and I cant wait to hear all about it. What was your favourite or most enjoyable moment?

  2. It was great fun and I had the the best day ever.

    Thank you BPS for sending me.

    Lol 🙂 Peter Hitchener shouted us lunch!

    • it was the best excursion and experience i have ever had,
      thank you MR.J, MRS.Boon, MISS. Backman and MRS.bielby
      it was awesome especially peter hitchener

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