District Cross Country

Today 60 grade 3-6 students represented our school at the District Cross Country. The school finished second overall, which was a fantastic effort. Congratulations to Lachie Challis, Mitch Szybkowski, Amy Tyrrell and Ella Wilson who received medals for finishing in the top 3 in their age group. We have a number of other students who will also be moving onto Division.



St Margaret’s Netball

Well done to all the students who attended the St Margaret’s Netball competition yesterday. Although they did not progress to the finals, they did a fantastic job representing our school. Thanks to Miss V for her great coaching!

IMG_3628 IMG_3630

Naplan is coming!

As Naplan is starting next week for the grade 5’s, we have decided to practise with a twist! The students were required to complete an amazing race around the school answering problem solving questions and following clues to the next checkpoint. This was a great way to get students outside on a beautiful day, running around and enjoying maths. Did this make maths more enjoyable and why?