Congratulations Athletics Team!

A massive congratulations to all the students who attended the District Athletics today. Not only do we have a large number of students moving onto Division, but we also we were the overall winning school in the Pakenham District. Well done to Mr Cole for all his hard work.







2 thoughts on “Congratulations Athletics Team!

  1. Congratulations Champs! You can be proud of your achievements and your sportsmanship. When you try your best and be your best, then win or lose, you can hold your head up high as Beaconsfield’s finest! Well done Mr Cole; you are the most enthusiastic PE teacher I know. A big thanks to parents too, who support their children at days like today and at other out of school sports. It gives our kids the edge.

  2. well done everyone i’m sure you all did very well… good luck for everyone who is moving onto division athletics 🙂

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