Tropfest 2014

Towards the end of term 4 last year the grade 5 students produced short films in the format and style of ‘Tropfest’.

The films could run for no longer than 8 minutes and needed to incorporate the signature item of ‘fly’ somewhere in their film.

The students put a great deal of time and effort into these films and the results are here to see. Happy viewing!


Sarah, Emma, Indigo, Chanel, Sabrina, Tianna from Tyson Buckingham on Vimeo.

Noah, Callum, Trent, Lachie, Kyle from Chris Jeffries on Vimeo.

Tia, Carly, Amy P from Beaconsfield PS on Vimeo.

Sandman, Hunter, Jacob, Diesel, Cooper from Beaconsfield PS on Vimeo.

Kelly, Jess, Mikayla, Darci, Bones, Zoe from Beaconsfield PS on Vimeo.

Mason, Rocket, Alex, Ben, Joel, D-Clapp from Beaconsfield PS on Vimeo.

Karly, Amy T, Tara, Monique, Darcy P, Alix from Beaconsfield PS on Vimeo.

Jakob, Thomas, Sam, Dylan from Beaconsfield PS on Vimeo.

Ethan, Max, Connor, Jack from Beaconsfield PS on Vimeo.

Liv, Maddy, Rhiannon, Tahlia, Georgia, Eliza from Beaconsfield PS on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Tropfest 2014

  1. We wish to write a quick note to say a massive thank you to two of the most wonderful, kind, inspirational teachers, Mr J & Mr B. You have been a joyous, energetic, creative influence on all the kids. You both have gone above and beyond your teaching roles. Always admiring and promoting all the kids strengths. You both have left an amazing impression on Grade 5. Well Done

  2. Thanks very much for the kind words guys, really appreciate it. We love our job and had an awesome time with an amazing group of grade fives last year. They’re going to be fantastic leaders of our school in 2015.

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