Thursday Afternoon Activities

For something fun towards the end of our weeks, we have put in place 5/6 Activity Rotations this term. Each class will spend two 50 minute sessions with one of the 5/6 teachers joining in an activity they are passionate about.

Mr McGowan ran science activities, where students got the opportunity to make quick sand, lava lamps and paper planes.
Mr Buckingham took music activities, where students were able to experiment with different instruments and have whole class sing-a-longs to popular songs.
Mr Jeffries incorporated ICT in his sessions, and students have put together a Beacy News program which will air in the coming days.
Miss Backman took the students for cooking, where they created delicious scones and ANZAC biscuits.
Mrs Beilby ran art sessions, where students created Aboriginal paintings.

Each class will rotate every fortnight and get to experience each different activity. They are proving to be cruisy and enjoyable sessions in what is otherwise a very busy schedule. Here are a few pics from today’s sessions.




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