Investigations Homework Question

Here is the Investigations question for the week. Remember this is compulsory for grade 6 students and optional for grade 5’s.

A Notable Character from Australian History

History is often a reflection upon things that people do which have an impact on the way that we live. Choose any character from Australian history and present the following information:

– A photo or image of the person.

– Who is this person?

– When did this person live?

– Where did this person live?

– What did this person do?

– Why is this person relevant to us today?

– How did what they did impact on our lives?

6 thoughts on “Investigations Homework Question

  1. I don’t get the question, do you have to do some one that is dead or can it be a famous person from today or does it have to be someone from the Australia history? I don’t get what I have to do for the question????

    • Hi Sabrina!

      Its pretty much up to you. You might want to try and pick someone from early Australia since it’s what we are learning about at the moment. If you google ‘famous Australians’, you should be able to find a list of different people who you can read about and choose from. Someone like Ned Kelly might be an interesting one, or maybe one of the explorers like Matthew Flinders.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Carly,

    It’s kind of similar to the ‘what did the person do’ question in a way, but they would be relevant to us today because they might have impacted the way we lived our lives somehow.

    It’s almost asking you why is what they did important and why did it make a difference.

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