Crazy Hair Day

Well done to everyone who wore free dress and had crazy hair today, you all looked fantastic. Most importantly, thanks to all of your gold coin donations, our school has raised nearly $700 to support the Leukaemia Foundation. Great job everyone!



6 thoughts on “Crazy Hair Day

  1. Well done everyone for taking part and having your hair as crazy as possible, to raise as much money as we did and for a great cause too!!

  2. I really enjoyed seeing every bodies different ideas for crazy hair. Awesome effort also for raising so much money. Glad to see the other side of people’s creativity!!!!

  3. Hello 5/6 teachers I have a question about tomorrow,can we bring a pillow. If we can we’re would we leave it?

    • Hi Carly, I think its probably best not to bring a pillow tomorrow just because I don’t think would be an area we could safely leave them. Sorry

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