Investigations Homework Question

Although our topic of Australia will continue into next term, for this week’s investigations homework task we would like you to write a half page review of our topic so far. Talk about the things that you’ve learnt and perhaps write a few questions on what you would like to learn more about next term.

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  1. Hi there 🙂 is there any student of the week this week? I am having trouble with my email sending me doubles and worried I may have missed a blog, thanks 🙂

  2. Basically mate, you just need write a summary of what you’ve learnt so far during investigations. So talk about the parts that you’ve enjoyed learning about and why (eg. I really enjoyed learning about the history of AFL and how it started because I love playing footy. I thought it was interesting that the Aboriginal game of marngrook played a part in the creation of the sport of AFL).

    .Also, try and mention some other parts of Australia’s history that you’d like to learn about next term and we’ll see if we can spend some class time finding out a bit more about the things you us are interested in. Does that help?

  3. So would I write about what I liked about what we learnt about in class or stuff I did for homework?

    Ps what’s with the really tricky and random anti spam word things?

    • Yeah, that’s right Liv. Just anything you’ve enjoyed learning about and why. If there’s been particular homework questions you want to mention you can definitely do that too.

      Not sure what the go is with the anti-spam things – I dont see them cos I’m the administrator. They’re just something the website does, I can’t control how hard they are unfortunately.

  4. Mrs Beilby said to write about ned kelly , gold rush, dame nelly melba, the first fleet, captain james cook, stolen generation, aussies and the war’s, aussie as a federation mega fauna and aboriginals. Im not great at summarising so dont know how to pull this off with all these in one thanks please answer. P.s I didnt learn much about the wars so can I skip that? What does australia as a federation mean? thanks from sandman

    • As long as you talk about most of those topics Sandman you should be right. Australia as a federation is just about all the states coking together and forming Australia. If you google it there should be plenty of info about it.

  5. Hey Mr J do we have to do a Mathletics certificate???????? As well as reading and the question??????? Or just the question and reading????? :-\

    • I’m guessing she wants your to write it more like a report rather than a personal opinion. Maybe ask her and double check tomorrow

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