Sovereign Hill Tomorrow

Just thought I’d remind you about a few things that we discussed this afternoon for our excursion tomorrow:

– Be at school in your classroom by 7:15am. The buses will be leaving at 7:30am.

– You need to bring your snack, lunch and drink bottle in your bag with you. You will be carrying your bag all day so pack sensibly.

– If your parents allow you to, you can bring a maximum of $20 spending money. This is not compulsory and cannot be spent on lunch or McDonalds.

– You may bring a camera/iPod along to take photos. Remember you cannot use mobile phones as cameras – if you need to bring one for transportation purposes it must stay with your teacher for the day.

– Parents, we will be due back at school at approximately 7:30pm. I will try and blog to keep you updated though.

It should be be a great day, what are you looking forward to doing/seeing most?