Investigations Homework Question

From now on, the Investigations Homework Question will be posted on a Friday and due back the following Friday. This will give you more time to research and answer the question.

ANZAC Commemoration.

Symbols are images or objects that send messages to people. Traditions are things that have been done in the past that are still done today. Symbols and traditions of commemoration in Australian are an important part of remembering the past.

This year marks 100 years since World War 1. Over the years, we have lost many diggers, and veterans that march and salute the soldiers and nurses of war. They do this to show respect to the fallen and remind us of what it means to be the “Lucky Country”.

What do you think will happen in 100 years’ time? Do you believe that ANZAC day will be remembered? How will it be remembered in the future?

With your response you could write a letter or story, diary or poem about whether you think ANZAC day commemorations will continue. Include personal stories of family members or anecdotes of articles you have read to display emotion in your response.