Investigations Homework Question

Here is this week’s question:

Graeme Clark was the Australian doctor who created and invented the Cochlear implant. In 1982 he made improvements to create the first Bionic ear. This was a creation of ingenuity and perseverance which gave new meaning to research for Australia. He was persistent and never gave up on what he believed he could achieve. How would you feel and what do you think it would be like to hear for the first time?

Find two other Australians that have made revolutionary changes to the way we live. They might be an inventor of something we use, or a doctor who has created something we need to survive. For example Doctor Fiona Wood – Plastic Surgeon and ‘Spray-on Skin’ Pioneer. She may have been born in Yorkshire but has lived here for many years and calls Australia her home.

Present your homework as an information report. Be sure to include images of the person / people and their invention or creation.