Investigations Homework Question

Here is this week’s question:

Graeme Clark was the Australian doctor who created and invented the Cochlear implant. In 1982 he made improvements to create the first Bionic ear. This was a creation of ingenuity and perseverance which gave new meaning to research for Australia. He was persistent and never gave up on what he believed he could achieve. How would you feel and what do you think it would be like to hear for the first time?

Find two other Australians that have made revolutionary changes to the way we live. They might be an inventor of something we use, or a doctor who has created something we need to survive. For example Doctor Fiona Wood – Plastic Surgeon and ‘Spray-on Skin’ Pioneer. She may have been born in Yorkshire but has lived here for many years and calls Australia her home.

Present your homework as an information report. Be sure to include images of the person / people and their invention or creation.

54 thoughts on “Investigations Homework Question

    • Some ideas are the people who invented:
      – wifi
      – black box
      – ultrasound
      – electronic pacemaker
      – multifocal contact lense

      You could always just google Australian inventions and find out who invented them.

    • Might be worth checking that one with Mrs Beilby tomorrow, it’s probably up to her. Maybe just find the info and write up two now and see what she says.

    • They should be ok Carly, as long as the people who came up with them are Australian.

      I’ve posted a few other ideas above too if you want to use them instead.

  1. Up to you Carly. You could do two separate ones or they could be your two subheadings in your report on ‘Australians that changed the way we live’.

    Just make sure that the inventions of the people you pick made a big impact on Australia and the rest of the world.

  2. Hi everyone, I have read through all the above comments regarding this weeks blog question.
    In regards to the question, ” what do you think it would be like to hear for the first time?” You can choose to answer it in a sentence it just ponder the thought! I don’t mind.
    In regards to the information report.. You should find two different Australians that invented or created an invention or product that has made an impact to Australians, Mr J has already suggested a few options above. If you choose to write two separate information reports that’s fantastic. However, you can write about two australian inventions in one report under the heading ” Inventions that shaped Australia” or something along those lines.
    The idea of the blog question is for you to think creatively and produce a response that interests you. If you have any further questions please come and see me in the morning so I can guide you further. It’s great to see everyone enthusiasm and interest in their homework responsibilities.Well done grade 6 students.
    Mrs Beilby.

  3. i need help about how to set it out if im doing it about two people who invented the same thing because i cant do it tomorrow because im busy so i need to know now

    • Jordan, that is fine. Your information report will be a page in length. It should include an image of both inventors and a description of what was invented. Images and diagrams should be used also.

    • OK sandman, i would just do the one paragraph since its two people doing the same invention under the heading of ‘Australian invention that has impacted on our lives’ or something like that. does that make it any clearer ?

  4. yep…ok cool i don’t mind if u want to read it on friday :)…im going to write it now so hsve a good night and see you tomorrow.

  5. i just don’t know what to do i really stressed because i have to do it today and don’t want to go to homework club

  6. I can hear the stress in your messages, how about you leave the investigations part of your homework for tonight. When you come to school tomorrow I will help you write a report and show you how to set it out. You won’t have to go to homework club, we will work through it tomorrow so you have work to submit on Friday.
    So stop researching, and stressing! We will go through it again tomorrow. How does that sound?

  7. Ive started my intro and now i have realized that is really hard because i can find nothing about Google maps on the web so if i start again i wouldn’t have a complete homework and that’s bad compared to my fridge book

  8. OK thank you so much Mrs Beilby im so sorry about this
    but i dint have time throughout the week because Jacob and i hadn’t changed our mind about the movie

  9. Jordan, bring what you have to school, we have plenty of time to do this together . I promise you will have a finished product to hand in on Friday. You’re right it might not be as good as your previous work, but you can definitely learn from this . Don’t think about it anymore, close the computer and our it away. Everything will be fine. I promise. Don’t worry. See you tomorrow.

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