I hope everyone had a nice day of reflection yesterday for ANZAC Day. Hopefully with the work we’ve been doing in class you all have a greater understanding of the history of ANZAC Day and why it is so important to our country. I went to my local Dawn Service yesterday morning and thought it was a great experience to be a part of. Did anyone else go to their Dawn Service or do anything special for ANZAC Day?

Last week we had 4 of our school leaders attend an ANZAC memorial service in Beaconsfield. Here is what they thought of the experience:

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On the 19th of April, I went to the ANZAC Service in Beaconsfield with Diesel, Georgia and Olivia. We marched in the parade and laid pictures of some ANZACS around the memorial. We also laid a wreath. It was a good experience to represent our school as leaders.

By Jordan Sanders

On the Sunday before ANZAC Day, Olivia, Jordan, Diesel and myself went to an ANZAC memorial service in Beaconsfield. I thought it was an excellent experience because we got to represent our school in front of a lot of people. It was quite a sad event and some of the ways the soldiers died were horrible. The laying of the photos of the soldiers and the wreaths was sad but I was very proud to be a part of it all. The firing of the guns was extremely loud but we had to be respectful of covering our ears. This ervice has really made me think about ANZAC Day and I would love to go to more services and ceremonies in the future.

By Georgia Kruger

At the memorial we laid down wreaths, put down pictures, paid our respect and sang the national anthem. Although it was upsetting, I was proud that they put their lives before others rather than staying back in Australia.

By Diesel McEwan

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On the Sunday before ANZAC Day, the 4 captains, Georgia, Jordan, Diesel and myself went to an ANZAC Day Memorial. Us captains marched from the Beacy CFA to the memorial outside of the Kinder and not far from our school. We started by singing God Save the Queen. I tried hard to sing but didn’t really know the words. Later we stood in a line listening to stories of the fallen soldiers and we laid pictures of them. The firing of the guns were loud and we had to block our ears but did it in the most respectful way. They finished off by singing Advance Australia Fair. I think this was a great opportunity for people to come and remember the one’s who gave us this free life.

By Olivia Irvine


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  1. I also went to a Dawn Service. I went to the one in the city. I thought it was an amazing experience. There was two large TV screens and showed footage and pictures of the Gallipoli War. It was kind of sad. I wore my guide uniform and represented Berwick Guides. I learnt a lot more about WW1. Afterwards we walked down to the shrine. When we left we walked back and could see the shrine between two trees but you couldn’t see the stairs to the shrine. It was packed! Our family reckons there were way more people there than 80000. I was really tired when I got home. It was a really nice and rememberer all of the all the ANZACs.

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