Vigorous Vocabulary

Today the grade 5’s looked at words related to The Kelly Gang for their vocabulary session. In pairs they picked words off the whiteboard and wrote definitions on the back of them. After sharing them as a class, we then classified the words as either a person, place or a specific term relating to our topic. This was a great way to expand the vocabulary and knowledge of our students.







One thought on “Vigorous Vocabulary

  1. I was lucky enough to visit with a group of parents during the vocabulary session. They were most impressed with the excellent teaching (and learning) that they saw. Working with our grade 5’s on the vocabulary they encounter during their Australian history sessions has a profound impact on the understanding of the texts that they read and the depth of their knowledge and comprehension of these historic events. Well done to all Yr 5 students for your excellent work during the session and to the teachers for the excellence of their reading program.

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