Berwick College Information

Just a reminder that Berwick College’s Year 7 2016 Information Evening will be held on Tuesday April 28 (next week) at 7pm in the Performing Arts Centre. All interested parents are encouraged to attend. The Basketball Academy and Dance Academy information sessions will follow at 8pm.

Investigations Homework Question

From now on, the Investigations Homework Question will be posted on a Friday and due back the following Friday. This will give you more time to research and answer the question.

ANZAC Commemoration.

Symbols are images or objects that send messages to people. Traditions are things that have been done in the past that are still done today. Symbols and traditions of commemoration in Australian are an important part of remembering the past.

This year marks 100 years since World War 1. Over the years, we have lost many diggers, and veterans that march and salute the soldiers and nurses of war. They do this to show respect to the fallen and remind us of what it means to be the “Lucky Country”.

What do you think will happen in 100 years’ time? Do you believe that ANZAC day will be remembered? How will it be remembered in the future?

With your response you could write a letter or story, diary or poem about whether you think ANZAC day commemorations will continue. Include personal stories of family members or anecdotes of articles you have read to display emotion in your response.

Senior Cross Country

Well done to everyone who completed our Senior Cross Country today; it was fantastic to see so many of our 5/6 students pushing themselves to do their personal best. Well done to Zoe, EJ, Alix and Hunter who were our winners today. Good luck to all the students who have made it through to District in a few weeks time.

Click to view a video from today’s events:

Senior Cross Country

Remember to wear your house colour top for our Cross Country tomorrow. You are welcome to wear comfortable running shorts too. All grade 5/6’s will be heading across at 9:05am, with the Grade 6’s running first, followed by the Grade 5’s. Try and get a good sleep before the big run tomorrow!

Junior Cross Country Rescheduled

Hi everyone,

Just letting you know that our Junior Cross Country has been rescheduled for this Friday (17th of April). It will still be held first thing in the morning on our school oval. Hopefully we will have better luck with the weather this time around.


Junior Cross Country

Just a reminder in regards to the Junior Cross Country that Grade 5/6’s are able to wear their house colour top tomorrow to support the younger students. Normal school shorts/pants still need to be worn.

Before and After School Care

Dear Parents,

Today we received notification from the Shire of Cardinia that they feel they are no longer best placed in providing Out of School Hours Care.

Whilst we are currently finalizing the details of provision; I would like to take the opportunity today to assure you of your School’s commitment to providing the best possible service here on our school site.

We will continue to provide seamless continuity of service to you and your family for before and afterschool care and will provide our usual holiday program. We do not expect any interruption to services during this period and will inform you of our new booking and payment system over the next few weeks.

Please don’t be alarmed by potential changes, to us here at Beacy, it will be business as usual.

Yours Sincerely,

Gary Methven
Beaconsfield Primary School