Monday Reminders

Hi guys,

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Just got two reminders for tomorrow:

– Don’t forget that tomorrow is our ‘Create Your Own Superhero’ Dress Up Day. Try and make a big effort to get in the spirit of things and bring along a gold coin to support a great cause.

– Tomorrow night is our Eureka Family Maths Night. It begins at 6:30pm in Level 3 and will have a variety of different maths games and activities for you and your family to have some fun with. The dress code is party clothes.

Look forward to seeing you all dressed up, ready to save the world tomorrow morning!

Investigations Homework Question

Think of your own investigations question about Australia that you would like to share. You must write the question and write and present your answer on one A4 piece of paper. This can be done in your book. This is an ‘open ended’ question for you to show case your knowledge of Australia in any way you wish. Your question can be on anything related to Australia. Mr J won’t be able to give you any hints at all!! This is your chance to show what you know about Australia. Don’t for get to “go above and beyond”

Mrs Beilby

Create your own superhero dress up day

Hi everyone,

On Monday we have a free dress day. We are asking students to create their own superhero costume. Please remember that students need to dress appropriately for cold weather, playing outside and no weapons.

If students choose to come in free dress, they are asked to bring a gold coin donation for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

We will also be holding a “Guess the Jelly Beans” competition. Students can bring 50c for one guess or $1 for two. Two guesses are the maximum.

Quilting Queens

Mrs Elliott and a team of girls have been busy quilting on a Tuesday afternoon. Mrs Elliott kindly gives up her time to teach the girls how to see, stitch, unpick and do needle work. Carly, Amy, Sarah, Darci and Rhiannon are fast on their way to producing a beautiful quilt that they will treasure for ever. It’s great to see them have so much fun!



Investigations Homework Question

For this weeks homework I’m asking you to create a travel brochure showcasing 4 of your favourite states in Australia. Each state that you choose should have a landmark to visit. You will write a review on that landmark in your brochure.

For example, if I chose to do Queensland, I would choose to advertise the Theme Parks. I would include photos and or pictures, a small map of how to get there from the capital city. I would include things to do and see and give it a rating out of 10.

Your brochure can be created from an A4 piece of paper folded, it doesn’t have to be too big. Just make sure you include places to visit from 4 different states and a title page or front cover for your brochure. Have fun with this project, make it colourful and creative.

National Walk to School Day

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us on our walk to school this morning. We had 122 students and lots of parents participate in the National Walk to School Day from the O’Neil Rd Stop and Drop Zone, which was a fantastic result. The Stop and Drop Zone can be used by students and their parents at any time, with teachers meeting there on Friday mornings and leaving at 8:30am (weather pending).

National Walk to School Day from Beaconsfield PS on Vimeo.

National Walk to School Day

Don’t forget to meet us at the Stop & Drop zone at 8:30. If you can’t meet us there, you can walk 5 laps of the basketball court instead. It would be great to see everyone take on this national challenge at Beacy!