Buddy Time!

Our grade 5/6 students have had the opportunity to mentor and spend time with a buddy from grade prep this year. Every couple of weeks we do little activities so we can get to know our buddy and help them settle in to primary school.

This week the grade 5/6’s read picture story books to their buddy. The interesting voices and sound effects used in their reading made it extremely entertaining for the prep students!




Investigations Homework Question

So sorry for the delay in posting guys; here’s this week’s homework question:

As we start to look at the Geography of Australia, draw a map in your books and write the states and capitals on the map. Once you have done this, each state and territory has their own flag. Draw the flag inside the state. Each state also has their own flora and fauna emblems. Find out what they are and write them in each state also. For example Victoria’s floral emblem is the Common Heath. Our Fauna emblem is the Leadbeaters Possum.