Investigations Homework Question

Aboriginal towns and word meanings.

Most towns and suburbs have in some way been related to or are in relation of, an Indigenous word meaning. For example, Warragul, in Gippsland comes from the Indigenous word meaning ‘Wild dog’. Nar Nar Goon is thought to come from an Aboriginal name for the koala. A lot of country towns are named after Aboriginal places, people or word meanings.

Your task is to think of 5 towns in Victoria and 5 towns in New South Wales and research what their Aboriginal names means. You will have to come up with the towns first before researching whether they come from an Aboriginal meaning. Some will and some won’t, so it may take you some time to research town names. Look at a map of the state to help you choose them.
When you present your work you just need to write the town down in your book and have the meaning written next to it. Then you need to draw or print a map of Victoria and New south Wales. On these blank maps, you need to write the town onto the map, its name we use (such as Warragul) and its Aboriginal name (Wild Dog).

If you choose to add drawings, images or any other information to your homework that is showing initiative and that you are going above and beyond your requirements earning you extra rewards.

Google is a wonderful tool to use, but so are your parents and grandparents. Ask for help if you need it and remember do not leave your homework until Thursday night.

Mrs Beilby

Homework Example

We are really impressed with the quality and effort that have gone into this week’s homework task. We would like to share Jordan and Sarah’s homework as they have set the standard and tone for all year 5/6 students.



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