Investigations Homework Question

Think of your own investigations question about Australia that you would like to share. You must write the question and write and present your answer on one A4 piece of paper. This can be done in your book. This is an ‘open ended’ question for you to show case your knowledge of Australia in any way you wish. Your question can be on anything related to Australia. Mr J won’t be able to give you any hints at all!! This is your chance to show what you know about Australia. Don’t for get to “go above and beyond”

Mrs Beilby

9 thoughts on “Investigations Homework Question

  1. Hi I was wondering if I could do a news report, like behind the news and pick like I don’t know, 3 topics and film it and then, make a power point to go with it. I’d hand it in on a USB? It’s ok if I can’t,I was Just throwing an idea out

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