Investigations Homework Question

For your investigations homework this week, Mr Methven would like you to make Beaconsfield a new state in Australia. You will need to use your knowledge of Beaconsfield and the existing States of Australia to create a flag, animal emblem, floral emblem and write a description about what it is like to live in the state of Beaconsfield. Present your work in your homework book.

10 thoughts on “Investigations Homework Question

  1. hi,
    I was just wondering if we basically like cut beaconsfield from another state into its own state and rename?
    thank you

  2. So do I cut a bit off a state and create a state called Beaconsfield or make Australia a different shape to add the state Beaconsfield?
    Thanks, Tianna.

  3. Hi Tianna,
    I’m pretty sure we just make another state inside a state that already has a Beaconsfield in it like the ACT it is its own territory but still basically in NSW.
    Hope that helps,

  4. Sorry for asking many questions but do we make up a plant for a floral emblem and make up a new animal for the animal emblem?
    Thanks, Tianna.

  5. Hi everyone!
    Just asking in general if you need to call the state Beaconsfield and call the capital city Beaconsfield or just do the name of the state Beaconsfield, then choose another town for the capital city?
    Thanks for the help.
    Kind regards, Diesel.

    • Hi Diesel, I’m pretty sure you name the state Beaconsfield and call the capital city a name some where already in Beaconsfield. E.g. I named my capital city my street I live on. If someone disagrees or thinks you do something different then please correct me.
      Kind Regards, Tianna.

  6. hi diesel,
    maybe just call the state beaconsfield and pick a suburb within what will be the new state of beaconfield

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