Girls Football

Today our girls footy team went to Beaconhills College in Pakenham to participate in a District Round Robin. The girls displayed terrific effort and endeavour all day and showed tremendous improvement from the start of the day. Well done girls!






No assembly next week

Next week on Monday 3rd August, we will not be holding our regular Monday assembly. Instead, our children will be meeting in their house groups to spend some time with other students in the school. The idea is to help build stronger relationships across the levels in the school, and to allow our house captains to develop their leadership skills as they work to help build healthy relationships across the whole school. We plan to hold these special house meetings on the first Monday of the month, and therefore no regular whole school assemblies will be held on these dates. No certificates will be awarded at the house meetings so that parents do not miss out on attending when their children receive these special awards.

Investigations Homework Question

Your task this week is to address a local issue that is of concern to the community. Write about what this issue is and create/make a law that would fix this problem. Explain how your law would address this issue. Record your work in your Homework Book.

Investigations Homework Question

Your task this week is to interview a family member about their political point of view. You could ask them who was the Prime Minister when they were growing up, what they look for in a political candidate, what issues they think the government needs to address and who is/was their favourite political figure and why. Present your findings as a transcript with your questions written down and the person’s answers underneath.

Congratulations All Star Boys!

A big congratulations to our All Star Boys team who won their final at Hoop Time today and are progressing through to the Regional Finals. Our All Star Girls team also did a fantastic job and are progressing through as a runner up.

Well done to all of our Future Star and Rookie teams, all of you displayed terrific teamwork and sportsmanship and should be proud of your efforts.

Finally, a huge thank you to all of our parent helpers who came along and helped coach, score and support our teams. 20150723-170749.jpg20150723-171338.jpg20150723-171419.jpg20150723-171452.jpg





Hoop Time

Hi everyone,

We are still a little short for parent helpers for Hoop Time tomorrow so if you are able to come along and provide assistance with your child’s team that would be greatly appreciated. For the day to run smoothly we need at least one adult with each of the 10 teams we are sending tomorrow. If you are able to help out, please contact your child’s teacher.

Also, Mr Cole has asked me to attached the Hoop Time Behaviour Policy policy which would be worth a read for students and parents attending tomorrow.


5/6 Team