Hoop Time

Hi everyone,

We are still a little short for parent helpers for Hoop Time tomorrow so if you are able to come along and provide assistance with your child’s team that would be greatly appreciated. For the day to run smoothly we need at least one adult with each of the 10 teams we are sending tomorrow. If you are able to help out, please contact your child’s teacher.

Also, Mr Cole has asked me to attached the Hoop Time Behaviour Policy policy which would be worth a read for students and parents attending tomorrow.


5/6 Team

18 thoughts on “Hoop Time

  1. Mr J it says on the note that we can bring appropriate clothing to change in to. Do we wear that whilst playing a match, like if it’s a sport top?

    • Hey B-Wilk,

      During the match you’ll just wear your bball shoes/runners, shorts with no pockets if you have them and the bball jersey we give you.

      When it says appropriate clothing it basically means school clothes that will keep you warm when you’re not playing eg. jumper or pants if you want to put them over the top to keep you warm.

      Hope that helps

    • Hi Rhiannon,

      We’ve now got helpers for each team but if Mim is able to come along and help that’d be great. The more help we get, the easier it’ll be to coach, score etc.

  2. Hey Mr J,
    Bianka just told me that we’re not allowed to wear full-length pants tomorrow, because I was planning on wearing my full-length skins but Bianka said ‘only shorts’ and I don’t actually believe her, are we allowed to wear full-length or not?

    • Hey Jess,

      Full-length skins should be fine I reckon but I haven’t got the rules or anything with me. Maybe wear the skins and have some shorts with you in your bag just in case they don’t allow them. Hope that helps 🙂

  3. Hi Mr J, Diesel said that you asked personally if I could help.
    I am so sorry, however I have work. And truly disappointed I am unable to make it.
    I wish all the teams the best of luck. Go Beacy

  4. Hi Guys,

    I will be there for the morning as I have work in the afternoon so am more than happy to help with scoring

    Cheers Tan

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