Congratulations All Star Boys!

A big congratulations to our All Star Boys team who won their final at Hoop Time today and are progressing through to the Regional Finals. Our All Star Girls team also did a fantastic job and are progressing through as a runner up.

Well done to all of our Future Star and Rookie teams, all of you displayed terrific teamwork and sportsmanship and should be proud of your efforts.

Finally, a huge thank you to all of our parent helpers who came along and helped coach, score and support our teams. 20150723-170749.jpg20150723-171338.jpg20150723-171419.jpg20150723-171452.jpg





3 thoughts on “Congratulations All Star Boys!

  1. Our kids came home absolutely pumped after their big day at hooptime. Thank you Beacy Kids for making the most of your big day with great play and great sportsmanship. You always make me so proud of you!
    My thanks to all of the staff who have helped with lunchtime practices and for all who supported our kids today.
    These happiest of days create lasting memories for our children of good times, great sport, achievement and great fun.

  2. Well done everyone, we all did extremely well. Congratulations to the teams who are going through. Not to mention some other future star teams made it to the semi finals and some to the grand finals. Go Beacy!!

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