Design Tech Incursion

Today our 5/6 students had the opportunity to participate in our Design Technology Incursion where they created their very own cushion! After receiving the design brief first thing in the morning, the students were required to carefully plan out how they wanted their cushion to look and then later in the day put it together using calico, pastels, crayons, needles and thread. As you’ll see in the video below, the results were fantastic!

A big thanks to all the grandparents and special friends who came along and spent some time with us today. We hope you enjoyed spending time at our school, as well as the delicious scones!

Design Tech Incursion from Beaconsfield PS on Vimeo.

7 thoughts on “Design Tech Incursion

  1. That was an awesome day!
    If I didn’t poke myself in my hand with the needle so much it would of been better!
    It was still fun though

  2. Well done everyone! What an industrious space the 5/6 hub was today. It was fantastic to see so many helpers as well. The cushions look fantastic.

  3. The technology/design process was extremely well described at the start of the day and the process is an excellent lead in to what you will use at Secondary College, or what you might use with other materials, woodworking, metalworking, designing furniture, printing plastics, etc.
    It was great to see your enthusiasm during the day and to meet your grandparents and special people who you invited along. Well done children, your excellent behaviour and work skills make days like this possible. Well done teachers, that was one of the best and most comprehensive presentation of the design process that I have seen in a school.

  4. I had a great day to!Thank you 5/6 teachers for organising it :-), so sad that you weren’t there Amy and Sarah it was so much fun!

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