Camp Reminders

Hi guys,

Just a few reminders for camp next week:

– Arrive at school at 8:30am and take your luggage to the shed.
– If you have medication you need to be at school at 8:15am and meet in 6K’s (Grade 6 Camp) or 5B’s (Grade 5 Camp) classrom.
– Bring your asthma form in if applicable (Grade 5’s you will receive this on Tuesday afternoon).
– Bring your snack and lunch for the first day in a small backpack. You also will need a refillable drink bottle and your pencil case.
– You are able to bring one normal sized bag of lollies. Please make sure you are sensible with them or they will be confiscated.
– Devices such as iPods and iPads may be brought to use on the bus to and from camp. They will be collected once we get there. You may then see your teacher to use your iPod as a camera but you are not to sit and play games with them during free time. You are not allowed to bring a phone under any circumstances. No photos are to be uploaded on social media.
– Everyone must bring a hat (caps are fine).
– Bring sunscreen and insect repellent.
– Everyone will need a pillow and a sleeping bag (these are not supplied by the camp).
– Bring your bathers in case we end up going for a swim.

I think they’re all the major things. Have a restful weekend and we look forward to a great time with you next week!