Investigations Homework Question

Research a famous game from another culture, organise a time to play it with your family. In your homework book record the equipment you needed and the instructions to play it. This might be a board game or a sport based game.
It would be great to include some photos.

9 thoughts on “Investigations Homework Question

  1. Hi Mr J,
    I would love it if you could do me a huge favor.
    As you already know i need photos for my scrapbook.
    I couldn’t get them all and some didn’t work.
    So i am asking if you could please go through all the photos and find all the ones of me and put them in a folder. Then i will come by your class with a USB and you can put the folder on it for me. I know its painful going trough thousands and millions of photos but i cant waste anymore of my scrap booking time.
    Anyway i would love it if you could do it for me, i know you can do it because your an awesome teacher.
    Thanks From one of your favorite students SANDMAN
    P.S if there is a couple of the same photo just chose one.

    • Hey Sandman,

      I’m flat out trying to finish reports today mate but will see if I get time tomorrow to go through them all for you.

      Mr J

  2. Hey Mr J,
    my mathletics isn’t working and I won’t have time to do it today at snack or lunch because I’m at cricket so what do I do?

    • Hey Karly,

      Probably not too much you can at about it at the moment. Maybe let Miss Wright know this morning and have another try tonight? I can talk to Mrs Beilby with you tomorrow if it’s still hasn’t worked by then.

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