5 thoughts on “Graduation Photo

  1. Hi,
    Just want to let you know that Olivia has a specialist appointment at 9:30am and we are hoping to be back at school by 10:30am. I hope that means she can still be part of the photo as cannot reschedule this appointment at this late notice.
    Thanks Michelle

  2. Hi Mr J,
    Just wondering but for school captain speeches in the what will I do category does it mean like I will turn up to all meetings sort of thing or like try and make a day where captains and the principal meet and discuss the school’s progress. Just checking to get my speech spot on so I can start rehearsing at home to my parents.

    • Hey Zoe,

      It can be anything you would do on the job and both things you said would be fine. So that can be current things that the captains already do or you could add your own ideas that you think would be good for the school.

      Hope that helps.

      Mr J

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