Congratulations Leaders!

Well done to the following students who will be our school leaders next year:

Keeley Dempster and Cam Parkinson (School Captains)
Sarah Roberts and Matt Tralaggan (Vice School Captains)
Zoe Haringsma and Mitch Szybkowski (Sports Captains)
Lucy Hooper and Elijah Roewer (Vice Sports Captains)
Dakota Dileo and Seb Campbell (Sustainability Leaders)







7 thoughts on “Congratulations Leaders!

  1. Congratulation to the new 2016 leaders of B.P.S. I know all of you will make a huge difference to beacy and will lead the school with pride and compassion. Good luck next year. From Tara O’Sullivan

  2. Congratulations to everyone who got a captaincy role! So proud of you all! Just remember, for those of you who weren’t as lucky, you don’t need a badge to be a leader. You are the new leaders of the school, badge or no badge, and I know you all will have a very successful year next year and make Beacy Primary proud!You are an amazing group of kids, teachers and parents and I am going to miss you all very much next year and I will be visiting often to see all of your smiling faces. Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone! Good luck to the Grade 6’ers of 2016 and have fun. Enjoy every moment while it lasts!
    From Georgia Kruger

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