Kids Matter!

Within the Beaconsfield Primary School philosophy of ‘Kids Matter’, all the grade 5 students got together this week to participate in a team challenge.

They were randomly allocated groups and required to built the highest tower in a short time frame using limited materials. All groups worked tremendously well together and everyone had a great afternoon.

Congratulations to Keeley, Kade, Arthur and Luke who were our winners.




Information Night

Just a reminder that Beaconsfield’s Information Night is on this coming Monday night, the 8th of February. The 5/6 team will be presenting at 5:30pm and 7:00pm in 5J and 5O’s classroom. Hope to see you all there!

Investigations Homework Question

You are a graphic artist who is about to interview with “Beacy’s Science Squad”, a company that sells materials to schools. Your job is to design a poster of an organism’s (living things) life cycle that will convince the leaders of the company to hire you. Be as creative as you can.

Remember this task is compulsory for grade 6’s and optional for grade 5’s.