17 thoughts on “Investigations Homework Question

  1. So do you just pretty much have to say facts about an animal but describing the appearance?
    Sorry I don’t get it! 🙁

    • Hey Luce,

      Yeah, you need to find the structural and behavioural adaptations of 3 different animals.

      So pick 3 animals you’re interested in and maybe Google ‘structural adaptations of a warthog’ for example and have a read about it and put it into your own words. Then do the same and look up ‘behavioural adaptations of a warthog’.

      Hope that helps 🙂

    • Hi Mr. J.
      I am having trouble logging in to Mathletics. I have my log in ID and password but it is not working. Mathletics has a new web site page. Has anyone else had problems logging in?

      • Hi Andre,

        The website has changed and will look a bit different but you should still be able to log in. Miss Caddy will go through it with you at some stage today.

  2. Mr. J or Miss Caddie, Andre is still having problems signing in to Mathletics. I have also tried to help him but it won’t work. Is anyone else having the same problem?

    • Hi Mr. J and Miss Caddie, I have just managed to sign on to Mathletics for Andre from my work (just testing the system). Maybe we have an out of date browser or something at home. I will check this tonight. Thanks.

    • Hi Val,

      I just went through the process with Andre – it looks as though he was putting a space between the word and numeral part of his username and password. When he typed his name and password without a space, he was able to log on.

      Ms Caddy

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