Easter Egg-strordinaire!

This Easter Parent & Friends are holding an in-school
‘Easter Egg-strordinaire!!

Each student will be given the opportunity during class time on Monday 21 March 2016 to purchase tickets from a member of the Parents & Friends team.

Tickets cost $1.00 each (preferably a gold coin). Students will be able to purchase more than one ticket should parents wish to donate more than $1.

Ticket/s will then be put in the draw to win a fabulous chocolate Easter hamper. The winners will be drawn at assembly that same afternoon.

Tickets will only be sold on Monday 21 March 2016.

Pink Stumps Day

Dear Families,

On Wednesday 23rd March, Beaconsfield Primary School will be having a day to support the McGrath Foundation. The McGrath Foundation raises money to place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities right across Australia, as well as increasing breast awareness in young Australian women. Students can bring along $2 which entitles them to wear free dress (pink to show support) and they will receive a pink wristband.

We are inviting all our families to a morning tea. This will be an event for our community to get together and show their support (and wear a splash of pink). It will be from 9am in our school gym. Feel free to bring along any members of your family or friends. Come past the office to let us know that you will be joining us for the morning tea. We will have a breast cancer survivor speaking about her experiences.

School Photos Tomorrow

Just a reminder that tomorrow is School Photo Day. Please make sure you are dressed in full school uniform and looking presentable. You will need to be here at 9am, photos will not be postponed if you are late.

Zoo Update

Just letting you know that we have left the Zoo but are uncertain of how long it will take due to city traffic. Will try and keep you posted.

Zoo Information

Here is some information regarding our excursion to the Zoo tomorrow:

– The bus will be leaving at 8am. Please be at school at 7:45am.
– When you arrive grab your hat and sit in your group in the gallery.
– Bring sunscreen.
– No money is to be brought.
– Pack lightly for the day, you need to carry your own bag around. Bring your food in throw away bags.
– Only cameras are allowed. No phones or other devices.
– We will be due back at approximately 5pm but I will provide blog updates to keep parents informed when possible.

Looking forward to a great day with everyone!

Investigations Homework Question

Design your own animal

Read the paragraph below to help you understand further the meaning of an organism.

How are organisms adapted to their environments? Each trait of an organism—the bark on a tree, the beak on a bird, or the bright colors on a poisonous frog—is an adaptation of the organism to its environment. These adaptations affect the survival of the organism—how it takes in food and oxygen and produces offspring. Organisms that survive pass along their traits to the next generation. Other organisms, who cannot successfully adapt or do not have traits suitable to their surroundings, may not survive.

Design your own animal that would suit this environment:
This environment is a rocky, mountainous area, where it snows from approximately October to May. The rough, barren ground is often covered with a slippery sheet of ice. A series of shallow caves on the mountainside offers small protection against the fierce winds. Because of the freezing temperatures and high winds at this altitude, the only plants that can survive year-round grow close to the ground.

Design your own animal that would suit this environment:
This environment is a wet, swampy area, with many overhanging trees that provide deep shade. The temperature is usually hot, the air is humid, and it rains frequently. The bottom of the swamp is covered with thick mud, while the surface of the water is dotted with algae. Tall, thin reeds grow up through the swamp water. Water striders, dragonflies, and other insects are found here, and frogs lay their eggs in the water. Several crocodiles also make their home in the swamp.

You will need to draw your animal and explain its characteristics and features. Make sure you include its lifecycle, habitat and diet needs. Think about the acronym MRS GREN when designing your animal.