Investigations Homework Question

Design your own animal

Read the paragraph below to help you understand further the meaning of an organism.

How are organisms adapted to their environments? Each trait of an organism—the bark on a tree, the beak on a bird, or the bright colors on a poisonous frog—is an adaptation of the organism to its environment. These adaptations affect the survival of the organism—how it takes in food and oxygen and produces offspring. Organisms that survive pass along their traits to the next generation. Other organisms, who cannot successfully adapt or do not have traits suitable to their surroundings, may not survive.

Design your own animal that would suit this environment:
This environment is a rocky, mountainous area, where it snows from approximately October to May. The rough, barren ground is often covered with a slippery sheet of ice. A series of shallow caves on the mountainside offers small protection against the fierce winds. Because of the freezing temperatures and high winds at this altitude, the only plants that can survive year-round grow close to the ground.

Design your own animal that would suit this environment:
This environment is a wet, swampy area, with many overhanging trees that provide deep shade. The temperature is usually hot, the air is humid, and it rains frequently. The bottom of the swamp is covered with thick mud, while the surface of the water is dotted with algae. Tall, thin reeds grow up through the swamp water. Water striders, dragonflies, and other insects are found here, and frogs lay their eggs in the water. Several crocodiles also make their home in the swamp.

You will need to draw your animal and explain its characteristics and features. Make sure you include its lifecycle, habitat and diet needs. Think about the acronym MRS GREN when designing your animal.

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  1. Good morning Liv and Kye. You need to use one of the environments mentioned above to design your new animal. It’s your creation and can be as imaginative as you like. I’ve given you two different environments to choose from but you only need to choose one. I hope this makes sense and you have a better understanding now.
    Mrs Beilby

  2. Hi. Have you got room for one more parent helper Thursday. It’s bradens birthday and I’m not working now. So I’d love to go.

  3. Hi Luke please read over the last paragraph I wrote from the task given. That will explain that you need to write the characteristics you have drawn. You need to write about its habitat and diet and if you can, refer to MRS GREN.

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