Investigations Homework Question

“How are Natural Disasters and Man-Made Disasters different?”
Conduct some research and answer this question in your homework book.

Further question to consider – Were any of these disasters caused or made worse by human decisions? How?

Lightning Prem Success!

Today we had a terrific day at Lightning Prem with all teams doing a fantastic job. A big congratulations to the football side and the girls netball team who won and have made it through to Division. Thanks to all the parents who came out to support.








Grade 6 Kickstart

Today the grade 6 students were able to get a little taste of what high school will be like by attending the Kickstart Program at Berwick College. Students made their own way to there and then participated in a lesson the school has to offer. 6J had loads of fun taking their own photographs and developing them in the school’s dark room. 6C spent the morning doing some physical exercise, bike riding around the school. 6K experienced a science lesson in the lab creating silly putty and watching how ‘elephant toothpaste’ is made.





Lightning Prem Soccer – Change of Venue

Winter Lightning Prem Friday 3rd June – In the notice we previously advised you that the Soccer will be held at Lakeside Reserve in Pakenham but there has been a change in venue. Soccer will now be at Heatherbrae Recreation Reserve, Bellerive Avenue in Officer. We are notifying you of this in case any parents were wanting to go and watch.