For those students who did not complete homework last week, you are expected to complete homework this week. Your teacher would have told you if you needed to.
Reading, Mathletics and the following blog question must be completed and handed in on Friday or you will go to Homework Club and have to do homework next week as well.

Students are to write 2 poems about the same celebration. Think about the types of poems we have learnt this term. It could be a cinquain, haiku, diamante or quatrain. Choose 2 different types of poems to create using the one celebration topic i.e. Christmas, Easter, Halloween, birthdays etc. Present them neatly and attractively in your homework book.


Celebrate the biggest achievement of your life. What is the one thing that sticks in your mind as your greatest achievement so far? This might be as simple as completing a game that you tried really hard to complete or learning a new maths strategy. Explain what the achievement was, why this was so important to you and what future aspiration or goal you have now.

Kickstarting their future!

All three grade 5 classes and a group of year 6’s attended Berwick College today for their Kickstart program. The students were able to get a small taste of what high school is like and got to participate in either photography, science, English or Indonesian classes for a session. As you can see, all of them enjoyed the experience.




Create your own celebration for your family. This might be to celebrate an achievement that has taken place recently or just to celebrate what your family does for you. You need to come up with a way to celebrate, for example cook something or create a game based on things they like. You might be able to create a song or poem about them. Make it into a big fun event. You will need to record what the celebration is for, what you did to celebrate and how you felt whilst doing it. Include some photos if you can.

Grade 5 and 6 Kickstart Program Tomorrow

Just a reminder to all grade 5 students (and selected grade 6’s) that you need to meet us at the Leisure Centre at Berwick College before 9am tomorrow morning. Please wear full school uniform and do not order a lunch order as they will not be able to be handed in.

See you in the morning!

Regional Softball

Well done to the all the boys who competed in the Regional Softball Finals today at Mornington. Although we didn’t get the result we wanted, it was a great achievement to be there in the first place. We had a very fun day.