For those students who did not complete homework last week, you are expected to complete homework this week. Your teacher would have told you if you needed to.
Reading, Mathletics and the following blog question must be completed and handed in on Friday or you will go to Homework Club and have to do homework next week as well.

Students are to write 2 poems about the same celebration. Think about the types of poems we have learnt this term. It could be a cinquain, haiku, diamante or quatrain. Choose 2 different types of poems to create using the one celebration topic i.e. Christmas, Easter, Halloween, birthdays etc. Present them neatly and attractively in your homework book.

2 thoughts on “Homework

  1. Hi Mr j it’s viv my mum says I have to do homework and I handed it in last week and I explained the deal to her so when you can please tell mum I don’t have to thanks kind regards viv

  2. Hi Viv,

    Yeah, that’s correct. Anyone who did all their homework last week doesn’t need to do it any more and because you handed all of yours in last week you don’t need to do homework for the rest of the year now.

    Hope that helps,

    Mr J

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