Grade 6 Party Reminder

Just a reminder that the grade 6 party will be on Monday the 12th December at 11.00am. Students need to bring a plate of food to share. If bringing hot food, parents will need to drop it off to 6K and 6C’s classroom at 11.00am. No frozen food will be heated up. Please note, this is a party for grade 6 students only. If students are participating in the Secret Santa, they need to bring a gift to the value of $5. Boys buy a boy present and girls buy a girls present. Please note, if a student doesn’t buy a present, they will not receive one.

Grade 6 Graduation Excursion – Important Information

Our grade 6 graduation excursion is next week on Wednesday the 14th December. It should be a really fun day. Please read all the important information below for both students and parents.

• Students need to arrive at school at 8.15am and go to their classroom to mark the roll. We will be leaving at 8.30am and will not be waiting for any late students.
• Students must wear their bathers under their clothing. They are able to wear casual clothing (school uniform is not required) but clothing must be sunsmart (shoulders must be covered, strictly no singlets) and they must wear closed-toe shoes (runners). Thongs may be brought in their back pack to wear at Funfields between water rides, but runners will be required for other rides and going and returning from school.
• All students must wear a rashie or t-shirt when on the water rides. We are a sunsmart school, so both girls and boys must have a rashie or t-shirt on. Any student with no rashie or t-shirt to wear on water rides, will spend the day in the shelter area.
• Students must bring sunscreen and a hat/cap.
• Students should bring a small back pack with their snack, lunch and drink bottle in it. They will need to bring a towel and a spare t-shirt as they must be dry to ride on other non-water activities.
• No money is to be brought as no student will be permitted to buy anything at Funfields.
• We will return to school at approx. 4.30pm. Please read the blog for updates of approx. time of arrival back to school on the day.
• Students have watched the safety video and been spoken to about rules and expectations. If any students behaviour is unacceptable, parents will be called to come and collect their child.

If you have any questions, Please see Miss Backman.