Grade 6 Party Reminder

Just a reminder that the grade 6 party will be on Monday the 12th December at 11.00am. Students need to bring a plate of food to share. If bringing hot food, parents will need to drop it off to 6K and 6C’s classroom at 11.00am. No frozen food will be heated up. Please note, this is a party for grade 6 students only. If students are participating in the Secret Santa, they need to bring a gift to the value of $5. Boys buy a boy present and girls buy a girls present. Please note, if a student doesn’t buy a present, they will not receive one.

7 thoughts on “Grade 6 Party Reminder

    • Hi Miss Backman
      I herd that we could wear our Christmas clothes today because of the junior concert and last year we were aloud so I am just checking if we are aloud because I’m a bit confused?!

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