Investigations Homework Question

Write a letter to someone from a different country about Australia. The letter should include factual information about Australia as well as some reasons why Australia is such a great place to live. Pretend that the person you are writing the letter to has never heard of Australia before, so it is important to be very specific and descriptive. Some things you can include in your letter:

• Location – where is Australia
• Different states and cities
• Landmarks
• Food
• Culture or Traditions
• Famous Australians

3 thoughts on “Investigations Homework Question

  1. As I like to print out the blog homework question each week to give to my kids to do, I was wondering if you could make it a white background like last year as this black background uses ALOT of ink

    • Hi Leigh,

      I might try and attach it in a word document from now on as well and hopefully that will limit the amount of ink you use.

      Chris Jeffries

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