Investigations Homework Question

Think about three of your favourite foods/meals that you eat that may have come from a different country. Describe the meal, the ingredients, the taste and why it is one of your favourites. You are also required to research what city, town or country the food is from.

You are also more than welcome to cook one of the meals at home and take some photos to include in your homework.

Investigations Homework Question

Research Aboriginal artwork to see the types of paintings that Indigenous people are famous for. Your task is to create your own piece of Aboriginal artwork based on your research. Some possible ideas include-
• Dot painting
• Drawing

Your art piece should be creative and original.


House Athletics – Parent Helpers

We are still looking for some parents helpers for Athletics day to help with running individual events.
To allow all students adequate time and practice, we require additional parents to rake, measure and record times and distances.
Parents will stay with their group and rotate around with the teachers to assist.
If you are able to help please see Mrs Ryan or Mrs Inglis.

Thank you.

Grade 5/6 Getaway!

This term for Investigations we have been looking at Diversity. First the students looked into their own lives and backgrounds and we are now beginning to look at different countries and cultures around the world. For their upcoming project, students will be required to work in groups and research a country of their choice. They will then be required to film a ‘Getaway style’ movie to share the information they’ve found and to promote their country. As an example, the grade 5/6 teachers got together and had a go at creating their own movie. Happy viewing…

Getaway from Beaconsfield PS on Vimeo.