Sovereign Hill Reminders

Please read the below information carefully in regards to tomorrow grade 5/6 excursion to Sovereign Hill:

• Students need to arrive at school at 7.15am and meet at their classroom to mark the role. The bus will be departing Beaconsfield Primary at 7.30am. As per our excursion policy, we will wait no longer than 5 minutes for late students so please be on time.
• Please do not park in the Kiss and Go Zone tomorrow morning as the cones will be out for the buses to pull up here.
• Students are required to wear full school uniform.
• Students will need to bring a small back pack with their snacks, lunch, drink bottle and wallet. It is a good idea to pack a coat as it will be colder in Ballarat and some extra food as it is quite a long day.
• Students will need to remember what they ordered for dinner at McDonald’s as this has been pre-ordered and they cannot change their mind on the night.
• Students are allowed to bring a maximum of $20 spending money to purchase souvenirs at Sovereign Hill. They still need to bring a packed lunch to eat there. No student will be allowed to spend their money at McDonald’s.
• Students are allowed to bring their own device to listen to music or take photos with, but it will be solely their responsibility. No mobile phones are permitted to be brought.
• Students with their own Asthma puffer, please bring in your back pack.
• We are due back at Beaconsfield Primary at approx. 7.30pm. Please check the blog, as Mr. J will regularly update where we are and approximate times we will arrive back at school.
• Students will need to be picked up from the shed at the end of the excursion by a parent. No students is permitted to walk home. Students will need to let their teacher know when their parent is collecting them.
• If you have pre-arranged for another child’s parent to collect your child, you will need to give a note to your child’s classroom teacher tomorrow morning explaining who will be collecting them.

Look forward to seeing you all bright and early tomorrow morning!