Kickstarting Their Future!

This morning all three grade 6 classes attended Berwick College today for their Kickstart program. The students were able to get a small taste of what high school is like and got to participate in either photography or a maths class for a session. As you can see, all of them enjoyed the experience.









Grade 6 Kickstart Tomorrow

Just a reminder that tomorrow, Friday 9th June, is the Kickstart session at Berwick College for those grade 6 students who have returned their permission slip.

Parents will need to drop off students outside the Leisure center at Berwick College around 8.45am. Students are required to wear school uniform and bring their bag as normal.

Students will be walking back to school after the session.

It is a good idea for students to bring a rain coat, as this excursion will be going ahead no matter what the weather is tomorrow.

Bully Proof Money Reminder

Students who have not yet paid their $2 and returned their form for the Bully Proof session, are reminded that this is due by Thursday. It is an expectation that all students attend this session.

Also, Grade 6 students are reminded that their Kickstart form is due on Thursday also. All students are expected to attend, even if they are not planning on going to Berwick College for high school.

Lightning Prem Legends!

Well done to all of our students who attended the Winter Lightning Premiership today. As always, our respect and teamwork were terrific across all 4 sports so great job to everyone involved. Congratulations to our football and girls netball teams who are moving on to Division later this term.