Homework is now back on. By next Friday you need to have completed your reading (150 mins grade 6, 100 mins grade 5), achieved a Mathletics certificate and finished the blog question. The investigations question is now compulsory for both grade 5 and 6 students.

As homework is due on Friday, for your investigations task you may fill in the Friday box tonight or predict what you will do next Friday night.

Investigations tasks were handed out today. If you were absent, grab one from your teacher on Monday.

Note – we will be sticking these sheets in our portfolios, not our homework books like we normally do.


6 thoughts on “Homework

    • Hey Chloe,
      I couldn’t attach the document this week so we handed it out on Friday. If you haven’t got one, just ask your teacher tomorrow and they’ll be able to give you a sheet.

      Mr J 🙂

      • I’ve just attached a picture of it Chloe so looks a bit ugly but you can get a start on it and then get a proper sheet tomorrow. Hope that helps!

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