Walk to School is back!

What a better way to celebrate the first day of spring than to come to Walk to School? 🙂
If you would like to join us meet the teachers at O’Neil Road. We will be leaving to go back at 8:30am.

Refund from 5/6 Hoop Time

Dear Parents,

Today a $7.00 refund from 5/6 Hoop Time was sent home if your child attended on Monday 14th August 2017.

We had an issue with umpires that was beyond our control and therefore Basketball Victoria are refunding our entry fee.

Regards Anthony Cole
Physical Education Teacher.

Homework Question

You need to use your knowledge and skills that you have learnt about statistics to create a survey, tally and graph.

Survey at least 15 people on the following question: What month of the year were you born in?

Record your results in a tally. Using the data you have collected, create a line graph to show your results.


Now answer the following questions about your data.
1. What month were most people born?
2. What month were the least amount of people born?
3. What inferences can you make about the results your data shows?

Camp Deposit Due Tomorrow

Just a reminder that camp deposits are due tomorrow. They need to be handed in before 4pm if you would like to attend camp. As always, if you are having difficulties making the payment, please speak to the office.

For those wanting to attend camp as parent helper, that note is due tomorrow too.


5/6 Team

Booking Interviews

Just a reminder for parents who still need to book a parent teacher interview.

Please go to www.schoolinterviews.com.au and use the code 3drax and select your child’s teacher from the list.

These interviews will be student-led and all students and families are expected to make a booking and attend.

If none of the days and times suit you, please contact your child’s teacher to make alternate arrangements.

Book Week Costumes

Well done to everyone who dressed up as a book character today, there were some terrific costumes with a lot of effort put in. Here are a few pics of our 5/6 students this morning (try and spot Wally in the last one)