Latitude Voting

As per a previous blog, Luke in grade 6 has been shortlisted for the Latitude competition and now needs our votes. Due to a glitch in their system, Latitude has now reset the voting. If you voted before 4pm on Thursday the 17th August, you will need to cast your vote again. A valid email address is required to submit your vote and your vote will not be live until you have clicked the validation link sent to your email box.

Head to Latitude Air to cast your vote.

Thanks again for your support.

Homework Question

Part One
This week for homework you are required to write a half page reflection on your project teams fundraising event. Think about the roles and responsibilities people had, how this will help your projects end goal and how you felt participating in the fundraising event.

Part Two
If you were to write a thank you blog to our community for either grandparents day or our projects fundraiser what would you say?