Homework Question

Part One
This week for homework you are required to write a half page reflection on your project teams fundraising event. Think about the roles and responsibilities people had, how this will help your projects end goal and how you felt participating in the fundraising event.

Part Two
If you were to write a thank you blog to our community for either grandparents day or our projects fundraiser what would you say?

13 thoughts on “Homework Question

    • Hi Ella! You can still write about what we actually did for our fundraiser and the planning we did for it. Regan might be able to fill you in with how it worked on the day too. If it’s a little bit shorter then that’s okay. Hope you’re feeling better.

      Mr J 🙂

    • Hi Taj,

      Have a read of what I said to Ella above and the same would apply to you. You can still talk about all the planning involved and what you actually did for your fundraiser.

      Hope that helps.

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