Refund from 5/6 Hoop Time

Dear Parents,

Today a $7.00 refund from 5/6 Hoop Time was sent home if your child attended on Monday 14th August 2017.

We had an issue with umpires that was beyond our control and therefore Basketball Victoria are refunding our entry fee.

Regards Anthony Cole
Physical Education Teacher.

Homework Question

You need to use your knowledge and skills that you have learnt about statistics to create a survey, tally and graph.

Survey at least 15 people on the following question: What month of the year were you born in?

Record your results in a tally. Using the data you have collected, create a line graph to show your results.


Now answer the following questions about your data.
1. What month were most people born?
2. What month were the least amount of people born?
3. What inferences can you make about the results your data shows?